Metalworking, repair and recycling of heavy equipment

Metalworking by Faiar

In the process of production we use the rules of good practice in mechanical engineering and metalworking. Faiar team consists of proven professionals to offer the widest possible range of solutions and guarantees for services. We offer everything customers need and we are confident that the quality is not limited to the outcome only. We know that good communication with the client is more than necessary – over time, all users of our service are becoming our friends who we help.

Based on our long experience in the industry, we can say that the engine of the workflow is the innovation. We are distinguished with our motivation to work, our creativity and the ability to best quality performance of assigned tasks.

We offer a wide range of services, because our collaborators are experts in their field and we are confident in their skills. This is the same confidence that our customers feel when they provide us with the task. While others consider metalworking as gluing pieces of iron, we are doing wonders in our modern and contemporary facilities.

Cutting out disposable mechanical parts for sophisticated mechanical units, storage and delivery of entire mechanical structures, cutting, supplies …. This is only part of the comprehensive range of services that you can assign to us.

Our customers are our mirror. With us are working the professionals in the field, in which we see the same values and a pursuit of excellence. We believe that only if they are successful our work would be done, that’s why we call ourselves successful.

The truth is that we are a click away from you. The only thing that is expected from our customers is to choose the appropriate service, and then only to watch. Faiar will guide you through the development phase, taking an active part in solving the technical problems of your ideas (heavy machinery and machinery for industry, construction and public works, etc.). We can process almost any metal.

The process of work

Certainly, every successful project has an action plan.  That’s why we spend more time in planning than in the physical work. The sentence “measure twice, cut once” is like our business motto, since progress lies solely in the people and takes place only after its realization.

You specify the requirements for the product – we take care of everything else.


Pictures of Metalworking